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27 June 2016

Essence of Snakehead Fish: The Benefits

According to a paper published in the International Journal of Science and Technology in June 2012, it was shown that in Indonesia, patients with hypoalbuminaemia, a condition where blood levels of albumin are abnormally low, accounted for 45%-50% of post-operative patients. The administration of albumin in the form of Human Serum Albumin proved to be expensive. These patients were then administered with albumin derived from snakehead fish extract (channa striata), which was less expensive compared to  HSA, and exhibited significant levels of albumin to treat hypoalbuminaemia. The administration of albumin derived from snakehead fish extract also accelerated their post-operative wound healing. The paper also states that extract of snakehead fish contains an abundance of albumin accounting for 64.61% of protein. Patients with hypoalbuminaemia, post-surgical patients and growing children would benefit greatly from consuming snakehead fish extract due to its high content of albumin.

Some amino acids and fatty acids in snakehead fish extract play an important part in the synthesis of collagen fibers, which aid the wound healing process. Thus, the administration of snakehead fish extract for post-surgical patients expedites the process of tissue formation. Among others, albumin also functions as an anti-oxidant, which helps slow down the aging process.

The zinc content in snakehead fish extract is relatively higher compared to other sources, such as tuna, chicken egg and duck egg. The content of zinc in snakehead fish extract is 3.34mg/100gm. Comparatively, tuna only contains 1.6mg of zinc per 100gm, chicken egg 1.5gm of zinc per 100gm and duck egg 1.8gm of zinc per 100gm. Zinc plays an important role in protein synthesis and multiplication of cells, thus it accelerates the healing process of surgical wounds.

Combined with ginseng, ginger and sea cucumber, each with their own set of health properties, snakehead fish extract can be a potent source of traditional medicine.To find out more about its health benefits, read up on the following products under the brand Maspati, which are sold on Brand Street.

Essence of Snakehead Fish

Essence of Snakehead Fish with Sea Cucumber

Essence of Snakehead Fish with Ginseng

Essence of Snakehead Fish with Ginger

02 June 2016

Variety of Organic Rice, Beans & Whatnot ... Hmmm, which one is delicious?

Nowadays, people are growing more and more health conscious. Take this point, for example. Sourced from huffingtonpost.com, an article written in USA Today on 20 January 2015 pointed out to a survey of more than 30,000 consumers in more than 60 countries. The survey was on how concerned these consumers be on the need to eat healthily. It found that more younger consumers, specifically those born under Generation Z (before age 20), are far more concerned about everything with regards to a healthy diet. This includes food ingredients, genetically modified food to organic foods. According to the USA Today article, sales of organic products have enjoyed an increase of 24% over the past year, while sales of natural grown products saw a hike of 28% over the past year.

Here at Dinasou.com, we offer you a variety of organic products under the brand Lohas. If you Wikipediaed LOHAS, you will find that its an acronym of Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. While the brand Lohas makes no claim to the definition found on Wikipedia, it certainly strives to attain such a lifestyle of healthy eating with organically grown foods. Check out the link to see the variety of Lohas products at http://bit.ly/1pvmMBd. If you can't get to the page via the link given, simply go to our website and type "Lohas" in our search box. Voila! You will see variety of Lohas products.