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Dinasou Online Supermart

27 May 2016

Brand Street: Yanda

Dinasou.com wants you to Shop, Earn & Save while shopping on the site. We cannot emphasize this anymore as every week or so, new products come online on Brand Street. One such brand is Yanda, whose products include Premium Bird's Nest & Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps.

According to Yanda, its Premium Bird's Nest is harvested from natural mineral-rich mountain caves, among others. The normal price for Yanda's Premium Bird's Nest is RM205, but on Brand Street, it has been slashed to RM158, giving you a savings of 23%.

Then, there's the Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps. Among its benefits is that it helps you to recover from fatigue and illness. Priced at RM60, one box of this product, which contains 6 bottles, is now 50% off at RM30. To know more, check out the individual products.

Yanda Premium Bird's Nest
Yanda Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps

24 May 2016

Bird's Nest & Cordyceps: What's good about them?

The Chinese are especially known to use bird's nest & cordyceps as traditional medicine/health supplements. But, do you know what constitutes these two types of supplements and whether they are actually good for your health?

According to livescience.com, citing an article published in the October 2012 issue of the journal Food Research International, two Chinese researchers—Fucui Ma and Daicheng Liu of Shandong Normal University—found that there was still not much scientific research on the medicinal properties of bird's nest. 

But the two researchers also found that the most abundant constituent of bird's nest is protein. Essential amino acids make up the building blocks of proteins. The researchers also found that bird's nest consists of 6 hormones, including estradiol and testosterone. Other elements that the researchers discovered in bird's nest include carbohydrates, ash and a small quantity of lipids. 

Nevertheless, the researchers noted that the Chinese consider bird's nest to have a high medicinal and nutritional value since they have prepared bird's nest as soup in the last 1,200 years. The Chinese believe that bird's nest's medicinal and nutritional value range from anti-cancer properties and anti-aging to raising the libido and improving concentration. 

The research also provided a caveat: Bird's nests are known to cause a life-threatening allergic reaction, which in medical term is known as anaphylaxis. 

Moving on to cordyceps. According to organicfacts.net, cordyceps have a long list of health benefits, as listed below:

1) Relieves asthma and chronic bronchitis
2) Helps avert arrhythmia & heart disorders
3) Lowers the risk of cancer
4) Impedes respiratory distress & weakness
5) Detoxifies body & boosts kidney health
6) Regulates body's cholesterol levels
7) Cuts down on age spots & reinvigorates skin
8) Improves immune system & energy level
9) Helps to lessen sexual dysfunction

Just another caveat: Blood sugar levels can be lowered a bit with the intake of cordyceps, and this is important to know for diabetics. Cordyceps is a blood thinner. So, it should not be consume by people who are about to undergo surgery, or those suffering from bleeding disorders.

To sum up, while bird's nests medicinal and/or nutritional qualities are still being investigated, they have been used for more than a thousand years for such qualities that they possess. Cordyceps, on the other hand, have proven health benefits. 

On Brand Street, Dinasou.com sells these two supplements under the brand Yanda. Find out more here
Yanda Premium Bird's Nest
Yanda Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps

19 May 2016

Brand Street: Kasumi Beauty

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and Jojoba Oil. These are the natural active ingredients contained in Kasumi Beauty's Fresh Face Cream. Normal price: RM169. Now priced at RM130. Ladies, you now must be running some math in your head as to the comparatively low price of Kasumi Beauty's Fresh Face Cream against some other high-end beauty brand, such as Lancome and Dior. Kasumi Beauty products are also cheaper than some of the products sold by Kiehl's. AT RM130 and with all the goodness of natural ingredients, don't you think that Kasumi Beauty is a bargain? We at Dinasou.com would like to think so, and we offer such brands because we want you to SHOP, EARN & SAVE! Give Kasumi Beauty a try here.
Kasumi Beauty Fresh Face Cream

17 May 2016

Brand Street: What sort of beauty products did the Nyonya use?

Are you tired of run-of-the-mill beauty and skin care products sold at the local pharmacy? Then maybe MADAME NYONYA is the answer for you. Madame Nyonya's line of body and skin care products goes deeper into Asian traditions. In particular, they are rooted in use by the Peranakan women, known as the "Nyonya", who embraced more classical and traditional rituals from the Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Thai and Malaysian cultures. As such, you will find that the ingredients used in Madame Nyonya's line of beauty items are those that are found in the South East Asian region itself, such as:

Coconut Oil 
– and Cloves, among others.

Rest assured that because Madame Nyonya products use natural ingredients, they do not contain parabens – preservatives used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. You're allowed a sigh of relief if you are an animal lover, as the people behind the production of Madame Nyonya are against animal testing.

So, go ahead, try 'em out. Madama Nyonya might just be the right kind of beauty products for you.

Madame Nyonya beauty products

05 May 2016

Brand Street: DIY Cartoon Cabinets

Hey Dina-fans? Have you ever considered a cartoon cabinet/wardrobe? We mean, not just for your kids, but for yourself? You might be wondering, "Why in the world would I, an adult, want a cabinet/wardrobe that has cartoons on it?" That is a very good question indeed. But we believe that there's an inner child in all of us. That explains the latest fancy gadgets you purchase, for example.

Well, we're here to talk about DIY Cartoon Cabinets. Measuring 148cm (H) x 20cm (D) x 42cm (L), it isn't such a big cabinet, which makes it ideal not only for the bedroom, but also for that nook under the stairs or the corner in the hallway. You may think that you want to purchase one for your child's bedroom. However, consider the practicality of having a small cabinet with a colourful design tucked away in that drab corner of your house. You don't even have to use it as a wardrobe, even though there's a section for hanging clothes. You can use the cabinet as a storage unit for odds and ends. C'mon, admit it, deep down you're a fan of some of these cartoons that are used to design the front of the cabinet. Go ahead, have a look at DIY Cartoon Cabinets on Brand Street. You might just fall in love with one.
The exterior of one DIY Cartoon Cabinet
The interior of the cabinet