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Dinasou Online Supermart

29 April 2016

Brand Street: Oloiya Dried Meats (Non-Halal)

Let's Shop, Earn & Save at Dinasou.com as we discover more products sold on Brand Street. One such brand is Oloiya Dried Meats, which is a local brand. There's Chicken Floss, Hakka Dried Beef & Savoury Minced Chicken, among others. Meat snacks for all occasions. Check it out here.

27 April 2016

Stomachaches? Headaches? We sell Axe Brand Medicated Oil ...

 ... or more commonly known as Minyak Cap Kapak. Yes, at Dinasou.com, we have a selection of medicated oils, cough syrups and lozenges. Our selection may not be as extensive as some other online supermarts, but we do have a few traditional remedies that may not be as readily available at the other online supermarts. Below are some of them. You can visit the page on our selection of modern and traditional remedies here.
Minyak Angin Cap Kapak
Ubat Minyak Geliga Cap Kris
Yulin Zheng Gu Shui
Sanjin Compound Prescribed Watermelon Frost
Yang Cheng Brand San She Dan Chen Pi Mo

21 April 2016

6 Fun Facts about Chocolate & Candy!

Dinasou.com wants you to  have fun! When you suck on a piece of chocolate or candy, don't you feel some sort of happiness spreading throughout your body. As it turns out, chocolate contains a substance that imitates the feeling of falling in love! Read below to find out.

1) Daniel Peter and Henri Nestle created milk chocolate in 1875. 
2) A one-ounce pice of milk chocolate and a cup pf decaffeinated coffee contain the same amount of caffeine.
3) The ancient Aztecs believed that chocolate was an aphrodisiac. Chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine (PEA), a natural substance that is said to stimulate the same reaction in the body as falling in love.
4) Same candies, such as gum drops, gummy bears, candy canes, lollipops, licorice twist and sour balls are free of fat and cholesterol, making them a healthier treat than many people realize.
5) The Snickers candy bar, which Frank and Ethel Mars of the US introduced in 1929, was named after the family horse.
6) The US produce more chocolate than any other country in the world, but the Swiss consume the most, followed closely by the United Kingdom.

Taken from: candyhistory.net

At Dinasou.com, we sell Snickers at 10.8% off (Before: RM3.70, Now: RM3.30). There's a discount of 8% for a three-piece packet of Ferrero Rocher (Before: RM5.00, Now: RM4.60). A stick of Kopiko can save you 20% (Before: RM2.00, Now: RM1.60). A packet of Torrone Barley Mint is sold at a discount of 15.4% (Before: RM2.60, Now: RM2.20). We aim our best to let you Shop, Earn & Save!

15 April 2016

What Wikipedia can't tell you about alcohol

1) Do you know that the cafeteria of many high schools in Europe give out alcoholic drinks to teenagers and that itself is pretty much a common scenario. Even most McDonalds throughout Europe put alcoholic beverages on their menu. On the contrary, the strictest laws on teenage drinking in Western civilization can be found in the US.

2) You need approximately 600 grapes on hand to make a bottle of wine.

3) There are an estimated 49 million bubbles in a bottle of Champagne.

4) An interesting fact about alcohol is that you can find minerals in alcohol. What's more interesting is that all minerals essential to human life can be found in alcohol. How many? 13.

5) Have you heard of the phrase "Mind your P's and Q's"? Have you always wondered what the P & Q stand for? Well, according to one theory, alcohol is served in pints and quarts at pubs in England. Well, Wikipedia will tell you that in the 17th century, bartenders would ask patrons to mind their pints and quarts and would watch their alcohol consumption on how much pints and quarts they have drunk. What Wikipedia doesn't tell you that another reason why the patrons were asked to be mindful of their pints and quarts was that if they imbibed too much, they would become unruly. Anyway, this is just one theory on what P's and Q's stand for. Wikipedia has several others, but you can look that up yourself, right?

6) How about the word 'honeymoon'? Do you know that it has its origin in an alcoholic drink called mead? Back in ancient Babylon, it was customary for the soon-to-be son-in-law to receive a month's supply of mead from his soon-to-be father-in-law. Hence, the term 'honey month' came to be, and gradually it became honeymoon.

7) Have you watched Vikings on the History Channel? Well, they were a pretty mean lot, weren't they? Do you know how they celebrated their victories? They took the skulls of their defeated enemies and fill those with their favourite alcoholic drinks, from which they toasted and drunk to their victories. Pretty gruesome, huh?

8) You've watched Sex & The City, haven't you? Well, if you haven't, it can only mean two things: You're a straight guy who doesn't like such shows, or you're an idiot. Of course you're not an idiot, we're just having fun with you. After all, this is all about alcohol, and alcohol is supposed to be fun, right? ;) ... Anyways, the girls in Sex & The City enjoy a cocktail called Manhattan. Can you guess the inventor of this cocktail. You wouldn't believe it, but it's Winston Churchill's mother! Of all people ... In case you're wondering what Manhattan comprises of, it's made with whiskey and sweet vermouth.

9) You've heard of Ferdinand Magellan, right? If you haven't, then sadly you're not into history. Magellan, who famously circumnavigated the world, loved his Sherry so much that he spent more money stockpiling the drink than he did with ammunition. If you decided to look up Magellan on Wikipedia, you will find that Magellan was killed in the Philippines in 1521 during the Battle of Mactan. One would have wondered what if he had spent all his money on ammunition instead of Sherry. He could have lived to tell the tale and the course of history would have changed. Just think about it.

10) For the last and final fact, the production of alcohol has been traced back at least 12,000 years. Wikipedia seems to back this up, by stating that between 10,000 BC and  5,000 BC, which is roughly the period of the late Stone age, people discovered jugs made during that period which led them to believe that intentionally fermented beverages existed at least as early as the Neolithic period.

All facts taken from flask.com

At Dinasou.com, we have our own selection of alcoholic beverages, which you can check out here.

13 April 2016

Going Vegetarian? Check out your choices!

Dinasou.com doesn't just want you to EARN, SHOP & SAVE. We also want you to have the best varieties of goods sold at our online store. Do you know that we sell vegetarian frozen foods? Sure, we have a link on our website that takes you straight away to our vegetarian frozen food selection, but have you actually had a look through? Anyway, it's just a reminder for our members that we sell a VARIETY of goods. For now, just check out our vegetarian frozen food selection here.

But vegetarian frozen food is not the only choice for you vegetarians out there. Dinasou.com also sells rice, grains and other dry products suitable for vegetarians. Below are a few examples. For more, click here.
Of course, these are not the only dry goods that Dinasou.com sells. For vegetarians who love to cook, you of course will want staple ingredients like onions to use as part of your dish. Erm, vegetarians do eat onions, right? Check out spices and other cooking ingredients here.

Then there's tofu. Of course, not all vegetarians like to be stereotyped as tofu-only people, right? But, tofu is rich in protein, among others. Vegetarians go for soy products to gain this essential nutrient. Here are some examples of tofu products sold at Dinasou.com. For more, just search for 'tofu' on our website. Happy eating!

07 April 2016

Cream Crackers: A Story

Once a upon a time, in an online supermart called Dinasou.com, there was a packet of cream crackers named Julie's, or simply Julie. Julie was unlike other cream crackers, like Shoon Fatt, Hup Seng and Jacob, simply because Julie was a girl and the other cream crackers were boys. Julie felt sad because she was ostracized over her gender, but she held up her head high and maintained her spirits while looking at customers scanning Dinasou.com's webpage to buy grocery items.

One day, a customer called Jane was deciding on which cream cracker to buy. She looked at the four cream crackers staring right back at her from the computer screen. Shoon Fatt Cream Crackers Special was priced at RM10.20, which was a saving of 3.8% from RM10.60. Jane also noted that Shoon Fatt weighed at 800g. She then looked at Julie, which was a saving of 8%, from RM5.00 to RM4.60. But Jane saw that Julie weighed only at 295g, so in her head she figured which was more value for money. Jane scrolled further down the variety of Dinasou.com's biscuit selection and saw Hup Seng Ping Pong Cream Crackers and Jacob's Cream Crackers, which were both a saving of 8.3%, from RM4.80 to RM4.40. Hup Seng weighed at 428g, while Jacob weighed at 300g. Based on all the information, Jane finally decided to purchase Hup Seng and put him in her cart. As Jane was doing so, Hup Seng smirked at all the others, especially at Julie, and said, "See, I'm the popular choice, and I will always be the popular choice."

Shoon Fatt and Jacob just shook their heads and simply brushed off that indignant remark, but Julie took it to her heart. She started sobbing and wondered why no one wanted to buy her. She felt like jumping off the screen into oblivion, but of course she was stuck there. 

Just when Julie felt there was no hope for her at all, another customer named Derek, who was this good-looking hunk and loved anything in orange, clicked on the page where all the biscuits were. Derek was an indecisive buyer, and he took a long time deciding which biscuit he wanted to buy. He knew he wanted a packet of biscuits, but he just didn't know which one he wanted. Just then, he saw Julie and looked over her attractive packaging. Derek, who didn't know any better, clicked on Julie and put her in his cart. And it was just because she was wearing orange. 

Moral of the story: Women will always be judged based on their looks, not how much value they can give. But at least Julie has a happy ending.

The End. 

01 April 2016

How 'bout a Cracker? It's a biscuit, only different ...

It's amazing what you can find on Wikipedia. We at Dinasou.com have actually perused the entry on 'crackers' and found that they are not exactly the same as biscuits. For one, a cracker is a baked food typically made from flour and they have holes in them, called "docking" holes, which are made to stop overly large air pockets from forming in the cracker while baking. They are normally made from salted flour.

Have a look at our own selection of crackers below, which are only just some of the crackers you can find at Dinasou.com.
Hup Seng Cream Crackers

Julie's Cheese Crackers
Munchy's Vege Crackers
Julie's Sugar Crackers