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28 October 2015

Brand Street: Calling out all pet lovers!

At Dinasou Online Supermart, we sell a wide range of products under our Brand Street vertical. Among them is a range of pet care products under a Singaporean brand called HALO —it's a leading specialty provider of premium pet care products that uses natural enzymes and essential oils for their line of pet shampoos, odour eliminators and ear care products such as:

- chamomile extract
- ginger oil
- black oats extract
- lavender oil
- tea tree oil
- betel leaf
- tea tree herbs

Enzymes are used in HALO shampoos because of their ability to speed up the process of cleaning your pet, leaving a protective antibacterial coating on your pet's skin and coat and in some cases, healing of skin conditions. Therefore, we decided to bring these products under Brand Street because of their commitment to quality products for pets. We are sure that there are many pet lovers out there among our members who would only want to provide high-quality pet care products for their beloved pooch and kitty. Below are some examples of HALO's products:

Restore Shampoo for Dogs is a unique blend of plant-drived enzymes coupled with the full goodness of betel leaf and tea tree herbs to promote holistic well-being for your pet. The natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and odor-removing capabilities of this formula eases irritations and restore your pet's natural skin/coat.

Odorgone for Cats is an eco-friendly product that uses a unique blend of plant-derived enzymes coupled with full goodness of pure essential extracts that freshens your surroundings instantly. It is 100% biodegradable, this can be used anywhere, at anytime. It is safe to be used directly on cat litter without exposing your pet to any harmful chemicals.

HALO Ear Care is formulated with a unique combination of natural enzymes and tea tree oil. It safely and effectively cleans your pet's ears by removing debris and preventing a build-up of bacteria, fungus and yeast. It keeps your pet's ears clean, dry and free from odor.

27 October 2015

Wanna know something about Julie's?

The above are just some of the types of biscuits sold under the brand Julie's on Dinasou.com. So, what's the dealio about Julie's?

According to its website, the brand Julie's, which is manufactured by PERFECT FOOD, the brand has been in the market since 1982. That's more than 30 years ago, which makes Julie's one of the oldest biscuit brands in the country. In June 2006, Perfect Food received a food standard certification from the British Retail Consortium. Although this was nearly 10 years ago, the fact that the company received recognition from an international body shows that Julie's is a well known brand outside of Malaysia.

Well, these are just a couple of facts that we could glean from the website. With such a popular brand that's readily available in most, if not all, supermarkets, hypermarkets and grocery stores across Malaysia, we at Dinasou.com want you to be able to purchase Julie's biscuits with just one click of the mouse from wherever you are. That's our motto: Grocery Shopping Made Easy! Buy Anywhere With One Click.

26 October 2015

Brand Street: Tongkat Ali Supplements

Let's Shop, Earn & Save on Dinasou.com! And what better way to do so than buy one of our health supplement products, Tongkat Ali, with prices ranging from RM75 to RM120. Such prices are very reasonable, because it's not easy to manufacture Tongkat Ali, much more to harvest them.

What are the health benefits of Tongkat Ali? Firstly, it has been used for its medicinal properties in certain countries in South East Asia, and Malaysia is one of them. Tongkat Ali is is especially popular among the Malays in this country. And its most well-known health benefit is to boost men's libido and alleviate sexual dysfunction. 

On Brand Street, we sell three types of Tongkat Ali and their pictures and health benefits are as follows:

Tongkat Ali Putih (Eurycoma Longifolia). Health benefits include improving blood circulation, treating arthritis, cleansing the kidneys and increasing energy and stamina, among others.

Tongkat Ali Merah (Jackia Ornata). Health benefits include relieving bone and back aches, regulation of blood viscosity, warming up the body and increasing energy and stamina, among others.

Tongkat Ali Hitam (Polyalthia Bullata). Health benefits include improving blood circulation, helping keep skin and muscle toned and improving the immune system, among others. A person convalescing from an illness or an operation will find consuming Tongkat Ali Hitam beneficial for recovery.

21 October 2015

Brand Street: Bilan O'Polo watches

Dinasou.com wants you to know that we sell watches. And not just any brand of watches, but high quality ones that have Japanese movements and yet is a US brand. It's called BilanO'Polo. Have you popped into any watch store and seen the brand? Chances are, you may have. Yup, that's the one.

You can look up the brand's website to find out that it is a brand that has been in existence since 1995. Maybe not a lot of people have heard of BilanO'Polo as compared to, say, Patek Philippe. But both these brands sell high-quality watches. The difference is that a Patek Philippe watch may cost an arm and a leg, and then some, to the average Joe or Jane. But, the cost of a Bilan O'Polo watch is still within the range of what is considered affordable, yet at the same time offering the best quality there is, with its Japanese movements.

According to its website, Bilan O'Polo watches are designed with young people in mind. That is, the 18-35 demographic is the brand's target market. Therefore, the designs of Bilan O'Polo watches must suit this particular target group - stylish, young and sporty.

We've expanded the collection of BilanO'Polo watches on Brand Street to include women's watches as well. Check out the expanded line here.

20 October 2015

Brand Street: MCM Soy Sauces - Recipe for Stir Fry Fish Maw & Trial Product Promotion

Dear members, Dinasou Online Supermart wants to talk about a cracking good recipe using the Superior Light Soy Sauce & Golden Thick Soy Sauce from one of our Brand Street merchants, MCM. This delicious dish is called Stir Fry Fish Maw and the ingredients are as follows:

- 300gm of fish maw
- 630gm of cabbage
- 30gm of dried shrimp
- 30gm of fried garlic
- 10gm of sliced ginger
- 20gm of spring onion
- 30ml of filtered water
- 20ml of olive oil
- 15gm of sugar
-  Some chopped red chilies
- A little salt
- MCM Superior Light Soy Sauce & Golden Thick Soy Sauce

1) Heat the wok with oil, throw in the cabbage until it is soft and aromatic.
2) Add salt, dried shrimp & garlic. Stir fry the whole concoction for a short while and set them onto a plate.
3) Heat the wok with oil again, and this time add sliced ginger, spring onion and fish maw. Stir fry this combination of ingredients until it becomes aromatic.
4) Add some dashes of MCM Superior Light Soy Sauce, Golden Thick Soy Sauce and water. Fry all the ingredients until dry.
5) Remove the ginger and spring onion. Place the fish maw on top of the plated cabbage. Decorate with some red chilies and spring onion. Voila! Your Stir Fry Fish Maw is ready to be served.

The MCM Superior Light Soy Sauce & Golden Thick Soy Sauce recently were awarded with the title "World Premium Food Material" at the 2015 Milano World Expo Cate & Fashion World Competition. That is why this two products are part of our Trial Product Promotion, which ends 10/11/2015. You can visit our Facebook page for more info on the promotion.

Who doesn't love Dumplings?

We at Dinasou Online Supermart, Malaysia's 1st O2O Online Supermart with the motto "Grocery Shopping Made Easy", want to inform our members that we have a large variety of frozen food products. Since there so many products, we just focus on one type of frozen food for this entry, which is dumplings. Dinasou.com is pretty sure that many Malaysians love dumplings, although maybe a number of Malay and Indian people are not so familiar with this type of food. If one does a Google search, one would find that dumplings are basically small pieces of dough wrapped around a filling. They can be based on flour, potatoes or bread, and may include meat, fish, vegetables or sweets. They may be cooked by boiling, steaming, simmering or frying.

Well, for the Malays, we have something similar, which is the ubiquitous karipap. But karipap can only be fried, whereas dumplings can be cooked in a variety of ways as mentioned above. The Indians may have their samosa, but again, samosa is mostly fried, and its dough is actually a type of pastry. Dumplings is popular among the Chinese, but it doesn't mean that the Malays and Indians cannot enjoy them. Dinasou Online Supermart want to display the variety of dumplings sold at our company and below are the examples, with their accompanying information.

Figo Japanese Prawn Dumpling, manufactured by QL Figo Foods Sdn Bhd. It has the Halal logo as certified by JAKIM. Ingredients include 32% prawn meat; 30% wheat flour; 14% surimi, which is a type of paste made mainly from fish; 14% water chestnut; 6% carrots; 1.2% sesame oil; 1% salt; 1% permitted flavour enhancer (E621); 0.4% sugar; and 0.4% white pepper powder.

Nikudo Seafood Japanese Chive Dumpling, manufactured by Haiky Marketing Sdn Bhd. It has the "Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri" (MeSTI) certification by the Ministry of Health. Ingredients include chives, surimi, vegetable oil (red palm olein and sesame oil), soy protein, shrimp, sugar, egg whites and modified starch, among others.

Nikudo  Seafood Japanese Chicken Dumpling, manufactured by Haiky Marketing Sdn Bhd. It has the "MeSTI certification by the Ministry of Health. Ingredients include chicken, surimi, sweet turnip, soy protein, black mushrooms, spring onions, egg whites, sugar, shrimp, onions and modified starch, among others.

Fusipim Lobster Dumpling, manufactured by Fusipim Sdn Bhd. It has the Halal logo as certified by JAKIM. Ingredients include surimi, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, starch, dumpling pastry and breadcrumbs.

Fai Lee Fish Dumpling, manufactured by LCF Food Sdn Bhd. It has the Halal logo as certified by JAKIM and the MeSTI certification by the Ministry of Health. Ingredients include surimi, water, corn flour, vegetable oil, sugar, salt and permitted flavouring.

Figo Japanese Chicken Dumpling, manufactured by QL Figo Foods Sdn Bhd. It has the Halal logo as certified by JAKIM. Ingredients include 35% chicken meat, 30% wheat flour, 18% Chinese cabbage, 8% chives, 3% onions, 2.5% light soy sauce, 1.5% potato starch, 1% salt, 0.5% permitted flavour enhancer (E621), and 0.5% sugar.

19 October 2015

Brand Street: Huru White Coffee & Milk Tea

What's so great about Huru White Coffee & Milk Tea compared with the typical coffee and tea products, one may ask? For one, they contain Brown Rice, which is full of nutrients such as the Vitamin B group, in addition to minerals and amino acids. Another reason that Huru White Coffee & Milk Tea are good for your health is because they contain Tiger Milk Mushroom (TMM). The benefits of TMM include alleviating joint pain due to injury or in the elderly, as well as joint pain as a result of dengue fever and chikungunya. The ability to alleviate such pain is attributed to TMM's anti-inflammatory element.

Admit it, you want to try Huru out. But, you're afraid that they may not taste as good as other coffee and tea products. At Dinasou.com, we just want to say Shop, Earn & Save! At RM29.70 for 12 sachets of Huru White Coffee and 10 sachets of Huru Milk Tea, we say that ain't bad as they contain ingredients not readily available in most conventional coffee and tea products. So, go ahead. Give 'em a look here

13 October 2015

Brand Street: MCM Belachan Sauce

Most Malaysians love belacan, or shrimp sauce, as a staple ingredient in one of Malaysia's iconic 'condiment', which is Sambal Ikan Bilis. Belacan gives a salty flavour and to make Sambal Ikan Bilis hot as most Malaysians love their food hot and spicy, one adds dried chillies and voila! A perfect condiment for one of Malaysia's popular dishes - Nasi Lemak. Dinasou.com would like to introduce its members to a new belacan sauce produced by Kum Thim Food Industries Sdn Bhd under the MCM brand, which is sold under Dinasou's Brand Street tab. What makes MCM Belachan Sauce any different from the typical shrimp paste or sauce that one buys from the grocery store? Well, for one, the ingredients in MCM Belachan Sauce is more varied than the typical shrimp paste, which is made up mainly from fermented ground shrimp mixed with salt, according to Wikipedia. The ingredients for MCM Belachan Sauce are dried shallots, garlic, dried shrimp, dried chillies, bird's eye chillies (which should add the 'kick' to this belacan sauce), lemongrass, ginger, sugar, salt and cooking oil. What really sets apart MCM Belachan Sauce from the rest is the addition of candlenut, or buah keras. If you really want to know how different is the taste, we at Dinasou suggests that you buy a bottle today and try it out for yourself. You never know, you might end up loving it! Oh oh, a certain fast food giant might be coming after us for using their slogan. Oh well, c'est la vie!

12 October 2015

Snacks: Facts vs Taste ...

Everybody loves snacks. This is not a sweeping statement. Even those who abstains from junk food would occasionally buy a packet to munch on. But, here's a fact or two from webmd.com about junk food. Junk food is low in satiation value, which leads to over-eating. Simultaneously, they replace other, more nutritious food.

But, Dinasou.com is not encouraging you to eat more junk food. We only list down such facts with the hope that you will be educated in such issues. At the same time, we want you to know that we sell a wide range of snacks, such as the ones pictured above, and one or two of them are actually healthy. Take the Chen Pi Mei Conserved Plum snack for example. Imported from China, it only has 100 calories per serving and has 0% fat. The serving size is about seven pieces of of the individually wrapped plums. Or the Pei Tien Staple Grains 168 snack. It has at least 9 healthy grains, including Mung Bean, Buckwheat, Pearl Barley and Small Red Beans, among others.

Above all, all these snacks taste good, which in turn will make you feel good. What is important is moderation, which is why we listed those facts from the abovementioned website. Check out other snacks that we sell here. Let's Shop, Earn & Save at Dinasou.com!

09 October 2015

Brand Street: Leven Virgin Forest Honey

Dinasou.com sells a number of goods from Merchants who have struck an agreement with us to sell their products online. One of these Merchants is a brand called Leven Virgin Forest Honey. The honey is 100% pure and comes from the rainforests of Borneo.

Leven wanted to make sure that they did not extract the honey from Borneo's rainforest giant honey bees without stepping within the boundaries of the indigenous people living in the vicinity. So, Leven struck a fairtrade agreement with the local people so that they can depend on producing the honey for their livelihood and Leven can also make sure that the surrounding tropical rainforests where these giant honey bees inhabit are under conservation.

Leven Virgin Forest Honey is produced under stringent conditions so that there will be zero contamination, and therefore is 100% pure and raw. In addition, it has no artificial flavours and additives. As Malaysia's 1st O2O online supermart, dinasou.com wants to ensure its members that it will only sell quality goods such as Leven Virgin Forest Honey.

08 October 2015

Welcome to Dinasou Online Supermart

Dear all, 

We are Dinasou Group SDN BHD, doing business as dinasou.com. Dinasou Online Supermart launched officially on 16th August 2015. We are a group of 13 partners who have worked to build this e-commerce platform for nearly two years, since December 2013. Mr Lee Kong How is the founder of dinasou.com. We aim for Dinasou to sell mainly grocery items. However, we also have a section for Merchants to sell their products, called Brand Street.

We build our platform on the loyalty of the thousands of our members. Our members become referrals by asking their friends to join Dinasou. This will increase our fanbase, and ultimately grow the Merchant's fanbase as well. 

Dinasou.com aims to aid Merchants in growing their business online. We have developed a business model and the marketing tools that can do this for Merchants, known as Dinasou Super Console (DSC). Such tools include search engine optimization, customer relationship management, suggestions and feedbacks, and analysis reports, among others. We also have our own logistics system called Dinasou Express. 

At the moment, we have two warehouse locations in KL and the Klang Valley. In the future, we aim to open 20 more warehouse locations across Malaysia within one year. 

Purpose - Dinasou not only helps Merchants sell their products online with the use of the DSC marketing tools, we also make it convenient for offline customers to go online and buy Merchants' products. 

Our Mission is to make it easy for Merchants to do their business.

Vision - We aim to provide high results for Merchants by increasing their sales, at the same time offering low cost for services.

Slogan - Industry can be done traditionally, but business cannot be done traditionally.