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21 December 2016

22 Celebrities who love tea (We're sure there's more)

1. Lady Gaga
2. Peter Seller
3. Michael Caine
4. Penelope Cruz
5. Al Pacino
6. Dean Martin
7. Helena Bonham Carter
8. Meryl Streep
9. Hugh Laurie
10. Kevin Spacey
11. Johnny Depp
12. David Beckham
13. Jimi Hendrix
14. James Dean
15. Taylor Swift
16. C.S Lewis
17. Mick Jagger
18. Pamela Anderson
19. Ozzy Osbourne
20. Daniel Craig
21. Pierce Brosnan
22. Sean Connery

Source: zesttea.com

At Dinasou.com, where you can Earn, Shop & Save, we have a varied selection of teas. Check out the whole selection here.

16 November 2016

5 Ways to Enjoy Soy Sauce

Of course, here in Malaysia, soy sauce is better known as 'kicap' ... We at Dinasou.com wanna share you at least 5 ways in which you can enjoy soy sauce as more than just a condiment ... We've found this wonderful site called taste.com.au, which lists down 15 ways to enjoy soy sauce, but we'll just focus on 5 of those ways.

1. To enhance the flavours of foods typically eaten as dessert.
    Here in Malaysia, there are people in some parts of the country that will enjoy a sprinkle or a good dash of 'kicap' with 'pisang goreng', or banana fritters. But do you know that soy sauce can be added to ice cream? If you buy a tub of vanilla ice cream, and you want to bring out the butterscotch flavour in it, soften the ice cream first, meaning don't put it in the freezer for a while. If it's a one-litre tub, pour one teaspoon of soy sauce in the softened ice cream and mix well. Put the tub back in the freezer to harden the ice cream. Ice cream is only nice to eat when it's firm. 

Another dessert which you can enhance the flavour of with soy sauce is chocolate brownie. Before baking, add two teaspoons of soy sauce so that the brownie's flavours will be intensified.

You can do the same to other desserts such as blueberry muffins and cakes. Add two to three teaspoons of soy sauce to the mixture before baking and voila! The sweetness of the desserts will be enhanced.

2. To add flavour to meat
    This is not a secret as some of us may actually use soy sauce to boost the richness of meat. But, there's a way of doing it that all of you may not know, such as mixing soy sauce with marmalade before basting chicken or lamb. Roast the meat when its properly basted with the marmalade & soy sauce mixture to give a citrus boost to your chicken or lamb. 

If you like making burger patties from scratch, don't forget to a teaspoon of soy sauce for every 100g of mince beef. This will definitely improve the taste of of your burgers. 

If you want a rich taste and a deep mahogany colour to your ribs (not your ribs, but those taken from a cow, like, duh!) or a beef roast, use soy sauce as a baste. Before or during roasting chicken, make sure to brush soy sauce over it to make it evenly brown and for better flavour. But we're sure you know this already, or else how can we enjoy the Malaysian quintessential dish, 'nasi ayam'?

3. If you want to add depth of flavour to your stews, soups and casseroles, use soy sauce in stock instead of salt. 

4. There are many ways to enjoy pumpkin and pineapple, either in savoury or sweet dishes. But how about just enjoying pumpkin and pineapple on their own with soy sauce? Mix soy sauce with honey and drizzle it over pineapple. Chargrill until golden and just warm. Mix soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce and glaze the mixture over wedges of pumpkin. Pop the wedges in the oven and bake until golden. 

5. This last one may not be a secret at all to most Malaysians. Then again, who knows? We all enjoy our curry gravy, right? But what about brown gravy? The one which you eat with meatballs, for example. For every quarter of water, add a quarter of soy sauce before making your gravy. It will sure add a kick to that brown gravy of yours. 

Here at Dinasou.com, where you can Shop, Save & Earn, we have a variety of soy sauces and in varying volumes. Check them out below. Alternatively, you can go to our website and key in 'soy sauce' in the search box. You'll get to see the whole shebang.
Kewpie Sesame Soy Sauce. 1L for RM31.10
MCM Prime Light Soy Sauce. 5.5kg for RM22.50
Lee Kum Kee Seasoned Soy Sauce for Seafood. 410ml for RM8.70

05 October 2016

Brand Street: House of Planners

Need a diary organiser that has the name or logo of your company? Well, look no further than House of Planners on Brand Street.

For those looking to offer corporate gifts, either that of your own company or that of your clients, Singaporean brand House of Planners is the perfect solution. It offers a range of diary organisers in different paper sizes that can be customized to include a company's logo or insignia. It makes for an elegant personalised gift to your clients, if you own a business. Some of House of Planner's diary organisers come with a calculator that runs on long-life battery. Need to crunch some numbers by your employees in the accounts department? Not to worry, they can do it on the go with House of Planner's diary organiser with calculator.

With prices ranging from RM RM49 to RM188, it gives you a wide choice as to which is the perfect corporate gift you want to customize. Let's Shop, Earn & Save with Dinasou.com.

21 September 2016

Brand Street: Yakuno Black Soybean Barley Green Grass Powder Juice

Yakuno Black Soybean Barley Green Grass Powder Juice
Yakuno is a Japanese brand and the black soybeans used in its product are harvested from only one region in Japan, which is the Tamba region of Kyoto in western Japan. 

What's so great about Yakuno Black Soybean Barley Green Grass Powder Juice, you may ask. Well, black soybean on its own has the following nutrients:

1) Linoleic Acid
2) Lecithin
3) Saponin
4) Isoflavone
5) Anthocyanin
6) Cyanidin

We suggest that you click the link above to know more about the benefits of these nutrients. Black soybeans combined with barley grass gives extra boost to your health. As outlined on organicfacts.net, the nutritional value of barley grass cannot be overestimated. It's loaded with the following vitamins:

- Vitamin A
- Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
- Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
- Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
- Vitamin B6
- Folate (Also a Vitamin B)
- Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
- Vitamin E (Alphatocopherol)
- Vitamin K (phylloquinone)

In addition to all these vitamins, barley grass also contains plenty of electrolytes, such as magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. On top of all these, the multi-nutrient rich super food has essential minerals that include calcium, iron and zinc. Beneficial enzymes, essential amino acids and strong anti-oxidants combine to make barley grass one of the best super food out there. It's no wonder then that with all these nutrients, barley grass can offer the following health benefits:

1) Effective in treating ulcerative colitis
2) Lowers the risk of cancer
3) Improves the body's immune system
4) Strengthens and detoxifies the liver
5) It can help in combating addiction to nicotine, alcohol and drugs
6) Helps to shield skin against harmful UV rays
7) Cuts down on excessive acidity in the body
8) Halts signs of aging

At RM120, Yakuno Black Soybean Barley Green Grass Powder Juice, with 30 sachets in one pack, is great value, considering its normal price is RM156. That's value for money, don't you think, with all the added goodness that this super drink can provide you. At Dinasou.com, we want to give you the best products at value prices. Let's Shop, Earn & Save!

08 September 2016

Wanna get whipped? ;) ... Here's the lowdown on Whipped Cream

1. It's also known as Chantilly cream or crème Chantilly

2. Whipped cream became popular as far back as the 16th century in Europe. Back then , it was called 'milk snow', or neve di latte in Italian and neige de lait in French. 

3. From the 16th century until the end of the 19th century, whipped cream was whipped using using willow or rush branches, resulting in a process that took more than one hour. 

4. Imitation whipped cream does not have any dairy ingredients and is often sold under the name whipped topping or squirty cream.

5. Guess what?! Whipped cream is a popular topping for most desserts.

The last info is a shocker, isn't it? What's also shocking that Dinasou.com only sells one brand on whipped cream. Hey, but at least we sell whipped cream.

All facts taken from Wikipedia.

Emborg Whipped Cream

24 August 2016

Are soft drinks really bad for you?

Now, a lot of debate has taken place over this subject matter. We want to provide as much as an objective viewpoint on the matter as possible. After all, we're kind of on the side of the soft drink manufacturers, since we sell soft drinks on our online store. At the same time, we want our Dina-fans to have all the facts so that they can make well-informed decisions on whether or not to consume soft drinks or cut them out completely out of their diet. 

The debate, according to what we have read on webmd.com, has been ongoing, with no real conclusion as to whether soft drinks do more harm than good to your health. 

On the side of the team against soft drinks, Michael Jacobson, the executive director of the non-profit Center for Science in the Public Interest, sugary soft drinks are the biggest single source of empty calories in the American diet. He adds that in the typical American diet, the percentage of calories that come from refined sugar accounted for 16% of all calorie intake, and that 50% of that 16% come from beverages with added sugar. 

On the side of the team for soft drinks, the American Beverage Association says that "the vast majority of studies supporting a soda-obesity link were done by researchers with strong anti-soda biases and that many of these biased or poorly done studies are covered by news media, while studies showing no link don't get the same attention."

Somewhere in the middle, Rachel K. Johnson, a spokesperson for the American Heart Association (AHA), served as a panel member of the AHA in 2009 in which the panel recommended that added sugars be limited in beverages, including soft drinks. Johnson believes that there has been no misrepresentation or over-reporting on the science that connects soft drinks to obesity and other health issues. Johnson concludes that by limiting added sugars in drinks is an important step in the right direction. 

So, what do you think? As we like to believe, moderation is key to most things, especially when it comes to food. But then, it also boils down to common sense. If you don't exercise, lead a sedentary lifestyle and have a sweet tooth, maybe you should consider not having one too many soft drinks. Otherwise, if you lead a very active lifestyle and want to treat yourself to the occasional soft drink or ice-blended drink, then please go ahead and do so. Only you have the power to choose what is good for your body and health.

Anyway, we at Dinasou.com wouldn't be doing our job if you don't inform you that we sell a variety of soft drinks. Check out some of them below.

Fanta Grape 1.25L

Coca Cola Zero 1.25L
100 Plus 1.5L

16 August 2016

Dinasou 1st Anniversary ... A look down Memory Lane

Oh my goodness! Dinasou.com has turned ONE! Exactly 1 year ago today, we were launched. Since then, it's been a pretty good ride. Our list of Brand Street merchants has gotten longer, and we have managed to get by with our grocery sales. If you have been checking our News Content on our website, you will see that we've done a lot of sales and promotions. 

But Dinasou.com is more than just about sales and promotions. We just don't aim to be one of those run-of-the-mill e-commerce start-ups. Our goal is just not to promise our customers to SHOP, EARN & SAVE at Dinasou.com. We also aim to provide e-digital marketing services to prospective merchants. They not only sell their products on out platform, but also get a host of e-digital services provided by us to boost their online presence.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures taken one year ago. Walking down on Memory Lane *Dinasou Mascot has a wistful look* ...

Dinasou Online Supermart's founder, Mr Lee Kong How, surrounded by some of the company's partners as well as staff getting ready to cut the ribbon on the balloons to mark the launch of Dinasou.com
Mr Lee Kong How giving a speech to partners and prospective merchants prior to the launching event
The unveiling of our Mascot. If you still don't get it, shame on you :P Dinasou.com is a wordplay of Dinosaur 
Mr Lee Kong How with his mentor, Dr Joseph Wong
And the balloons float away into the bright blue sky, hopefully marking a prosperous journey for Dinasou.com ...

27 June 2016

Essence of Snakehead Fish: The Benefits

According to a paper published in the International Journal of Science and Technology in June 2012, it was shown that in Indonesia, patients with hypoalbuminaemia, a condition where blood levels of albumin are abnormally low, accounted for 45%-50% of post-operative patients. The administration of albumin in the form of Human Serum Albumin proved to be expensive. These patients were then administered with albumin derived from snakehead fish extract (channa striata), which was less expensive compared to  HSA, and exhibited significant levels of albumin to treat hypoalbuminaemia. The administration of albumin derived from snakehead fish extract also accelerated their post-operative wound healing. The paper also states that extract of snakehead fish contains an abundance of albumin accounting for 64.61% of protein. Patients with hypoalbuminaemia, post-surgical patients and growing children would benefit greatly from consuming snakehead fish extract due to its high content of albumin.

Some amino acids and fatty acids in snakehead fish extract play an important part in the synthesis of collagen fibers, which aid the wound healing process. Thus, the administration of snakehead fish extract for post-surgical patients expedites the process of tissue formation. Among others, albumin also functions as an anti-oxidant, which helps slow down the aging process.

The zinc content in snakehead fish extract is relatively higher compared to other sources, such as tuna, chicken egg and duck egg. The content of zinc in snakehead fish extract is 3.34mg/100gm. Comparatively, tuna only contains 1.6mg of zinc per 100gm, chicken egg 1.5gm of zinc per 100gm and duck egg 1.8gm of zinc per 100gm. Zinc plays an important role in protein synthesis and multiplication of cells, thus it accelerates the healing process of surgical wounds.

Combined with ginseng, ginger and sea cucumber, each with their own set of health properties, snakehead fish extract can be a potent source of traditional medicine.To find out more about its health benefits, read up on the following products under the brand Maspati, which are sold on Brand Street.

Essence of Snakehead Fish

Essence of Snakehead Fish with Sea Cucumber

Essence of Snakehead Fish with Ginseng

Essence of Snakehead Fish with Ginger

02 June 2016

Variety of Organic Rice, Beans & Whatnot ... Hmmm, which one is delicious?

Nowadays, people are growing more and more health conscious. Take this point, for example. Sourced from huffingtonpost.com, an article written in USA Today on 20 January 2015 pointed out to a survey of more than 30,000 consumers in more than 60 countries. The survey was on how concerned these consumers be on the need to eat healthily. It found that more younger consumers, specifically those born under Generation Z (before age 20), are far more concerned about everything with regards to a healthy diet. This includes food ingredients, genetically modified food to organic foods. According to the USA Today article, sales of organic products have enjoyed an increase of 24% over the past year, while sales of natural grown products saw a hike of 28% over the past year.

Here at Dinasou.com, we offer you a variety of organic products under the brand Lohas. If you Wikipediaed LOHAS, you will find that its an acronym of Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. While the brand Lohas makes no claim to the definition found on Wikipedia, it certainly strives to attain such a lifestyle of healthy eating with organically grown foods. Check out the link to see the variety of Lohas products at http://bit.ly/1pvmMBd. If you can't get to the page via the link given, simply go to our website and type "Lohas" in our search box. Voila! You will see variety of Lohas products. 

27 May 2016

Brand Street: Yanda

Dinasou.com wants you to Shop, Earn & Save while shopping on the site. We cannot emphasize this anymore as every week or so, new products come online on Brand Street. One such brand is Yanda, whose products include Premium Bird's Nest & Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps.

According to Yanda, its Premium Bird's Nest is harvested from natural mineral-rich mountain caves, among others. The normal price for Yanda's Premium Bird's Nest is RM205, but on Brand Street, it has been slashed to RM158, giving you a savings of 23%.

Then, there's the Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps. Among its benefits is that it helps you to recover from fatigue and illness. Priced at RM60, one box of this product, which contains 6 bottles, is now 50% off at RM30. To know more, check out the individual products.

Yanda Premium Bird's Nest
Yanda Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps

24 May 2016

Bird's Nest & Cordyceps: What's good about them?

The Chinese are especially known to use bird's nest & cordyceps as traditional medicine/health supplements. But, do you know what constitutes these two types of supplements and whether they are actually good for your health?

According to livescience.com, citing an article published in the October 2012 issue of the journal Food Research International, two Chinese researchers—Fucui Ma and Daicheng Liu of Shandong Normal University—found that there was still not much scientific research on the medicinal properties of bird's nest. 

But the two researchers also found that the most abundant constituent of bird's nest is protein. Essential amino acids make up the building blocks of proteins. The researchers also found that bird's nest consists of 6 hormones, including estradiol and testosterone. Other elements that the researchers discovered in bird's nest include carbohydrates, ash and a small quantity of lipids. 

Nevertheless, the researchers noted that the Chinese consider bird's nest to have a high medicinal and nutritional value since they have prepared bird's nest as soup in the last 1,200 years. The Chinese believe that bird's nest's medicinal and nutritional value range from anti-cancer properties and anti-aging to raising the libido and improving concentration. 

The research also provided a caveat: Bird's nests are known to cause a life-threatening allergic reaction, which in medical term is known as anaphylaxis. 

Moving on to cordyceps. According to organicfacts.net, cordyceps have a long list of health benefits, as listed below:

1) Relieves asthma and chronic bronchitis
2) Helps avert arrhythmia & heart disorders
3) Lowers the risk of cancer
4) Impedes respiratory distress & weakness
5) Detoxifies body & boosts kidney health
6) Regulates body's cholesterol levels
7) Cuts down on age spots & reinvigorates skin
8) Improves immune system & energy level
9) Helps to lessen sexual dysfunction

Just another caveat: Blood sugar levels can be lowered a bit with the intake of cordyceps, and this is important to know for diabetics. Cordyceps is a blood thinner. So, it should not be consume by people who are about to undergo surgery, or those suffering from bleeding disorders.

To sum up, while bird's nests medicinal and/or nutritional qualities are still being investigated, they have been used for more than a thousand years for such qualities that they possess. Cordyceps, on the other hand, have proven health benefits. 

On Brand Street, Dinasou.com sells these two supplements under the brand Yanda. Find out more here
Yanda Premium Bird's Nest
Yanda Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps

19 May 2016

Brand Street: Kasumi Beauty

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and Jojoba Oil. These are the natural active ingredients contained in Kasumi Beauty's Fresh Face Cream. Normal price: RM169. Now priced at RM130. Ladies, you now must be running some math in your head as to the comparatively low price of Kasumi Beauty's Fresh Face Cream against some other high-end beauty brand, such as Lancome and Dior. Kasumi Beauty products are also cheaper than some of the products sold by Kiehl's. AT RM130 and with all the goodness of natural ingredients, don't you think that Kasumi Beauty is a bargain? We at Dinasou.com would like to think so, and we offer such brands because we want you to SHOP, EARN & SAVE! Give Kasumi Beauty a try here.
Kasumi Beauty Fresh Face Cream

17 May 2016

Brand Street: What sort of beauty products did the Nyonya use?

Are you tired of run-of-the-mill beauty and skin care products sold at the local pharmacy? Then maybe MADAME NYONYA is the answer for you. Madame Nyonya's line of body and skin care products goes deeper into Asian traditions. In particular, they are rooted in use by the Peranakan women, known as the "Nyonya", who embraced more classical and traditional rituals from the Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Thai and Malaysian cultures. As such, you will find that the ingredients used in Madame Nyonya's line of beauty items are those that are found in the South East Asian region itself, such as:

Coconut Oil 
– and Cloves, among others.

Rest assured that because Madame Nyonya products use natural ingredients, they do not contain parabens – preservatives used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. You're allowed a sigh of relief if you are an animal lover, as the people behind the production of Madame Nyonya are against animal testing.

So, go ahead, try 'em out. Madama Nyonya might just be the right kind of beauty products for you.

Madame Nyonya beauty products

05 May 2016

Brand Street: DIY Cartoon Cabinets

Hey Dina-fans? Have you ever considered a cartoon cabinet/wardrobe? We mean, not just for your kids, but for yourself? You might be wondering, "Why in the world would I, an adult, want a cabinet/wardrobe that has cartoons on it?" That is a very good question indeed. But we believe that there's an inner child in all of us. That explains the latest fancy gadgets you purchase, for example.

Well, we're here to talk about DIY Cartoon Cabinets. Measuring 148cm (H) x 20cm (D) x 42cm (L), it isn't such a big cabinet, which makes it ideal not only for the bedroom, but also for that nook under the stairs or the corner in the hallway. You may think that you want to purchase one for your child's bedroom. However, consider the practicality of having a small cabinet with a colourful design tucked away in that drab corner of your house. You don't even have to use it as a wardrobe, even though there's a section for hanging clothes. You can use the cabinet as a storage unit for odds and ends. C'mon, admit it, deep down you're a fan of some of these cartoons that are used to design the front of the cabinet. Go ahead, have a look at DIY Cartoon Cabinets on Brand Street. You might just fall in love with one.
The exterior of one DIY Cartoon Cabinet
The interior of the cabinet

29 April 2016

Brand Street: Oloiya Dried Meats (Non-Halal)

Let's Shop, Earn & Save at Dinasou.com as we discover more products sold on Brand Street. One such brand is Oloiya Dried Meats, which is a local brand. There's Chicken Floss, Hakka Dried Beef & Savoury Minced Chicken, among others. Meat snacks for all occasions. Check it out here.

27 April 2016

Stomachaches? Headaches? We sell Axe Brand Medicated Oil ...

 ... or more commonly known as Minyak Cap Kapak. Yes, at Dinasou.com, we have a selection of medicated oils, cough syrups and lozenges. Our selection may not be as extensive as some other online supermarts, but we do have a few traditional remedies that may not be as readily available at the other online supermarts. Below are some of them. You can visit the page on our selection of modern and traditional remedies here.
Minyak Angin Cap Kapak
Ubat Minyak Geliga Cap Kris
Yulin Zheng Gu Shui
Sanjin Compound Prescribed Watermelon Frost
Yang Cheng Brand San She Dan Chen Pi Mo

21 April 2016

6 Fun Facts about Chocolate & Candy!

Dinasou.com wants you to  have fun! When you suck on a piece of chocolate or candy, don't you feel some sort of happiness spreading throughout your body. As it turns out, chocolate contains a substance that imitates the feeling of falling in love! Read below to find out.

1) Daniel Peter and Henri Nestle created milk chocolate in 1875. 
2) A one-ounce pice of milk chocolate and a cup pf decaffeinated coffee contain the same amount of caffeine.
3) The ancient Aztecs believed that chocolate was an aphrodisiac. Chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine (PEA), a natural substance that is said to stimulate the same reaction in the body as falling in love.
4) Same candies, such as gum drops, gummy bears, candy canes, lollipops, licorice twist and sour balls are free of fat and cholesterol, making them a healthier treat than many people realize.
5) The Snickers candy bar, which Frank and Ethel Mars of the US introduced in 1929, was named after the family horse.
6) The US produce more chocolate than any other country in the world, but the Swiss consume the most, followed closely by the United Kingdom.

Taken from: candyhistory.net

At Dinasou.com, we sell Snickers at 10.8% off (Before: RM3.70, Now: RM3.30). There's a discount of 8% for a three-piece packet of Ferrero Rocher (Before: RM5.00, Now: RM4.60). A stick of Kopiko can save you 20% (Before: RM2.00, Now: RM1.60). A packet of Torrone Barley Mint is sold at a discount of 15.4% (Before: RM2.60, Now: RM2.20). We aim our best to let you Shop, Earn & Save!

15 April 2016

What Wikipedia can't tell you about alcohol

1) Do you know that the cafeteria of many high schools in Europe give out alcoholic drinks to teenagers and that itself is pretty much a common scenario. Even most McDonalds throughout Europe put alcoholic beverages on their menu. On the contrary, the strictest laws on teenage drinking in Western civilization can be found in the US.

2) You need approximately 600 grapes on hand to make a bottle of wine.

3) There are an estimated 49 million bubbles in a bottle of Champagne.

4) An interesting fact about alcohol is that you can find minerals in alcohol. What's more interesting is that all minerals essential to human life can be found in alcohol. How many? 13.

5) Have you heard of the phrase "Mind your P's and Q's"? Have you always wondered what the P & Q stand for? Well, according to one theory, alcohol is served in pints and quarts at pubs in England. Well, Wikipedia will tell you that in the 17th century, bartenders would ask patrons to mind their pints and quarts and would watch their alcohol consumption on how much pints and quarts they have drunk. What Wikipedia doesn't tell you that another reason why the patrons were asked to be mindful of their pints and quarts was that if they imbibed too much, they would become unruly. Anyway, this is just one theory on what P's and Q's stand for. Wikipedia has several others, but you can look that up yourself, right?

6) How about the word 'honeymoon'? Do you know that it has its origin in an alcoholic drink called mead? Back in ancient Babylon, it was customary for the soon-to-be son-in-law to receive a month's supply of mead from his soon-to-be father-in-law. Hence, the term 'honey month' came to be, and gradually it became honeymoon.

7) Have you watched Vikings on the History Channel? Well, they were a pretty mean lot, weren't they? Do you know how they celebrated their victories? They took the skulls of their defeated enemies and fill those with their favourite alcoholic drinks, from which they toasted and drunk to their victories. Pretty gruesome, huh?

8) You've watched Sex & The City, haven't you? Well, if you haven't, it can only mean two things: You're a straight guy who doesn't like such shows, or you're an idiot. Of course you're not an idiot, we're just having fun with you. After all, this is all about alcohol, and alcohol is supposed to be fun, right? ;) ... Anyways, the girls in Sex & The City enjoy a cocktail called Manhattan. Can you guess the inventor of this cocktail. You wouldn't believe it, but it's Winston Churchill's mother! Of all people ... In case you're wondering what Manhattan comprises of, it's made with whiskey and sweet vermouth.

9) You've heard of Ferdinand Magellan, right? If you haven't, then sadly you're not into history. Magellan, who famously circumnavigated the world, loved his Sherry so much that he spent more money stockpiling the drink than he did with ammunition. If you decided to look up Magellan on Wikipedia, you will find that Magellan was killed in the Philippines in 1521 during the Battle of Mactan. One would have wondered what if he had spent all his money on ammunition instead of Sherry. He could have lived to tell the tale and the course of history would have changed. Just think about it.

10) For the last and final fact, the production of alcohol has been traced back at least 12,000 years. Wikipedia seems to back this up, by stating that between 10,000 BC and  5,000 BC, which is roughly the period of the late Stone age, people discovered jugs made during that period which led them to believe that intentionally fermented beverages existed at least as early as the Neolithic period.

All facts taken from flask.com

At Dinasou.com, we have our own selection of alcoholic beverages, which you can check out here.

13 April 2016

Going Vegetarian? Check out your choices!

Dinasou.com doesn't just want you to EARN, SHOP & SAVE. We also want you to have the best varieties of goods sold at our online store. Do you know that we sell vegetarian frozen foods? Sure, we have a link on our website that takes you straight away to our vegetarian frozen food selection, but have you actually had a look through? Anyway, it's just a reminder for our members that we sell a VARIETY of goods. For now, just check out our vegetarian frozen food selection here.

But vegetarian frozen food is not the only choice for you vegetarians out there. Dinasou.com also sells rice, grains and other dry products suitable for vegetarians. Below are a few examples. For more, click here.
Of course, these are not the only dry goods that Dinasou.com sells. For vegetarians who love to cook, you of course will want staple ingredients like onions to use as part of your dish. Erm, vegetarians do eat onions, right? Check out spices and other cooking ingredients here.

Then there's tofu. Of course, not all vegetarians like to be stereotyped as tofu-only people, right? But, tofu is rich in protein, among others. Vegetarians go for soy products to gain this essential nutrient. Here are some examples of tofu products sold at Dinasou.com. For more, just search for 'tofu' on our website. Happy eating!

07 April 2016

Cream Crackers: A Story

Once a upon a time, in an online supermart called Dinasou.com, there was a packet of cream crackers named Julie's, or simply Julie. Julie was unlike other cream crackers, like Shoon Fatt, Hup Seng and Jacob, simply because Julie was a girl and the other cream crackers were boys. Julie felt sad because she was ostracized over her gender, but she held up her head high and maintained her spirits while looking at customers scanning Dinasou.com's webpage to buy grocery items.

One day, a customer called Jane was deciding on which cream cracker to buy. She looked at the four cream crackers staring right back at her from the computer screen. Shoon Fatt Cream Crackers Special was priced at RM10.20, which was a saving of 3.8% from RM10.60. Jane also noted that Shoon Fatt weighed at 800g. She then looked at Julie, which was a saving of 8%, from RM5.00 to RM4.60. But Jane saw that Julie weighed only at 295g, so in her head she figured which was more value for money. Jane scrolled further down the variety of Dinasou.com's biscuit selection and saw Hup Seng Ping Pong Cream Crackers and Jacob's Cream Crackers, which were both a saving of 8.3%, from RM4.80 to RM4.40. Hup Seng weighed at 428g, while Jacob weighed at 300g. Based on all the information, Jane finally decided to purchase Hup Seng and put him in her cart. As Jane was doing so, Hup Seng smirked at all the others, especially at Julie, and said, "See, I'm the popular choice, and I will always be the popular choice."

Shoon Fatt and Jacob just shook their heads and simply brushed off that indignant remark, but Julie took it to her heart. She started sobbing and wondered why no one wanted to buy her. She felt like jumping off the screen into oblivion, but of course she was stuck there. 

Just when Julie felt there was no hope for her at all, another customer named Derek, who was this good-looking hunk and loved anything in orange, clicked on the page where all the biscuits were. Derek was an indecisive buyer, and he took a long time deciding which biscuit he wanted to buy. He knew he wanted a packet of biscuits, but he just didn't know which one he wanted. Just then, he saw Julie and looked over her attractive packaging. Derek, who didn't know any better, clicked on Julie and put her in his cart. And it was just because she was wearing orange. 

Moral of the story: Women will always be judged based on their looks, not how much value they can give. But at least Julie has a happy ending.

The End. 

01 April 2016

How 'bout a Cracker? It's a biscuit, only different ...

It's amazing what you can find on Wikipedia. We at Dinasou.com have actually perused the entry on 'crackers' and found that they are not exactly the same as biscuits. For one, a cracker is a baked food typically made from flour and they have holes in them, called "docking" holes, which are made to stop overly large air pockets from forming in the cracker while baking. They are normally made from salted flour.

Have a look at our own selection of crackers below, which are only just some of the crackers you can find at Dinasou.com.
Hup Seng Cream Crackers

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