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Dinasou Online Supermart

23 December 2015

The benefits of Chinese herbal drinks

Let's focus on Chinese herbs and their benefits to your overall health and well-being. First is the Canton Love-pes Vine. Its benefits are as follows:

Can remove heat that is toxic to the body
Induce urination
Enhance liver function 
Eliminate stasis
Relieves fatigue, gastric distension and pain
Lifts up low spirits
May help prevent hepatitis and urinary stones

The second Chinese herb is the Selfheal Fruit Spike (Spica Prunellae). It is used as a tonic in China. Its benefits include:

The treatment of fevers and rheumatism
In China, if there is an outbreak of an infectious disease, the selfheal fruit spike herb can help keep people well.
Helps liver function, resulting in clear and bright eyes
Alleviates swollen lymph glands and lumps in the neck
Helps boost immunity
For women who are having that time of the month, this herb can help ease bloating or indigestion, urinary problems or heavy bleeding

Lucky for you, we sell these herbs in the form of ready-to-drink herbal tea drinks, sold by the Hung Fook Tong Group. To know more about the company, read here.

Canton Love-pes Vine drink

Common Selfheal Fruit-spike drink

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