Dinasou Online Supermart

Dinasou Online Supermart

19 February 2016

Brand Street: Ruyi Tea — Green tea with 4 flavours & added benefits

Dinasou.com sells a line of traditional green tea infusions on Brand Street under the brand Ruyi Tea. But their speciality is actually the Guava Leaf Tea which originates from Taiwan. Previously, Dinasou.com has mentioned that we sell ready-to-drink (RTD) Chinese herbal drinks by a Hong Kong brand, Hung Fook Tong. Now, we want you to have a look at Ruyi Tea, distributed by a Malaysian company and imported from China. They offer four green tea infusions — Ruyi Rose Green Tea, Ruyi Peppermint Green Tea, Ruyi Osmanthus Green Tea and Ruyi Jasmine Green Tea. Now you have the option of drinking RTD Chinese herbal teas, or opt for the traditional green tea that has long list of health benefits. The choice is yours, and at Dinasou.com, we want to offer you a wide variety of choices.

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