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Dinasou Online Supermart

05 May 2016

Brand Street: DIY Cartoon Cabinets

Hey Dina-fans? Have you ever considered a cartoon cabinet/wardrobe? We mean, not just for your kids, but for yourself? You might be wondering, "Why in the world would I, an adult, want a cabinet/wardrobe that has cartoons on it?" That is a very good question indeed. But we believe that there's an inner child in all of us. That explains the latest fancy gadgets you purchase, for example.

Well, we're here to talk about DIY Cartoon Cabinets. Measuring 148cm (H) x 20cm (D) x 42cm (L), it isn't such a big cabinet, which makes it ideal not only for the bedroom, but also for that nook under the stairs or the corner in the hallway. You may think that you want to purchase one for your child's bedroom. However, consider the practicality of having a small cabinet with a colourful design tucked away in that drab corner of your house. You don't even have to use it as a wardrobe, even though there's a section for hanging clothes. You can use the cabinet as a storage unit for odds and ends. C'mon, admit it, deep down you're a fan of some of these cartoons that are used to design the front of the cabinet. Go ahead, have a look at DIY Cartoon Cabinets on Brand Street. You might just fall in love with one.
The exterior of one DIY Cartoon Cabinet
The interior of the cabinet

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