Dinasou Online Supermart

Dinasou Online Supermart

16 August 2016

Dinasou 1st Anniversary ... A look down Memory Lane

Oh my goodness! Dinasou.com has turned ONE! Exactly 1 year ago today, we were launched. Since then, it's been a pretty good ride. Our list of Brand Street merchants has gotten longer, and we have managed to get by with our grocery sales. If you have been checking our News Content on our website, you will see that we've done a lot of sales and promotions. 

But Dinasou.com is more than just about sales and promotions. We just don't aim to be one of those run-of-the-mill e-commerce start-ups. Our goal is just not to promise our customers to SHOP, EARN & SAVE at Dinasou.com. We also aim to provide e-digital marketing services to prospective merchants. They not only sell their products on out platform, but also get a host of e-digital services provided by us to boost their online presence.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures taken one year ago. Walking down on Memory Lane *Dinasou Mascot has a wistful look* ...

Dinasou Online Supermart's founder, Mr Lee Kong How, surrounded by some of the company's partners as well as staff getting ready to cut the ribbon on the balloons to mark the launch of Dinasou.com
Mr Lee Kong How giving a speech to partners and prospective merchants prior to the launching event
The unveiling of our Mascot. If you still don't get it, shame on you :P Dinasou.com is a wordplay of Dinosaur 
Mr Lee Kong How with his mentor, Dr Joseph Wong
And the balloons float away into the bright blue sky, hopefully marking a prosperous journey for Dinasou.com ...

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