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16 November 2016

5 Ways to Enjoy Soy Sauce

Of course, here in Malaysia, soy sauce is better known as 'kicap' ... We at Dinasou.com wanna share you at least 5 ways in which you can enjoy soy sauce as more than just a condiment ... We've found this wonderful site called taste.com.au, which lists down 15 ways to enjoy soy sauce, but we'll just focus on 5 of those ways.

1. To enhance the flavours of foods typically eaten as dessert.
    Here in Malaysia, there are people in some parts of the country that will enjoy a sprinkle or a good dash of 'kicap' with 'pisang goreng', or banana fritters. But do you know that soy sauce can be added to ice cream? If you buy a tub of vanilla ice cream, and you want to bring out the butterscotch flavour in it, soften the ice cream first, meaning don't put it in the freezer for a while. If it's a one-litre tub, pour one teaspoon of soy sauce in the softened ice cream and mix well. Put the tub back in the freezer to harden the ice cream. Ice cream is only nice to eat when it's firm. 

Another dessert which you can enhance the flavour of with soy sauce is chocolate brownie. Before baking, add two teaspoons of soy sauce so that the brownie's flavours will be intensified.

You can do the same to other desserts such as blueberry muffins and cakes. Add two to three teaspoons of soy sauce to the mixture before baking and voila! The sweetness of the desserts will be enhanced.

2. To add flavour to meat
    This is not a secret as some of us may actually use soy sauce to boost the richness of meat. But, there's a way of doing it that all of you may not know, such as mixing soy sauce with marmalade before basting chicken or lamb. Roast the meat when its properly basted with the marmalade & soy sauce mixture to give a citrus boost to your chicken or lamb. 

If you like making burger patties from scratch, don't forget to a teaspoon of soy sauce for every 100g of mince beef. This will definitely improve the taste of of your burgers. 

If you want a rich taste and a deep mahogany colour to your ribs (not your ribs, but those taken from a cow, like, duh!) or a beef roast, use soy sauce as a baste. Before or during roasting chicken, make sure to brush soy sauce over it to make it evenly brown and for better flavour. But we're sure you know this already, or else how can we enjoy the Malaysian quintessential dish, 'nasi ayam'?

3. If you want to add depth of flavour to your stews, soups and casseroles, use soy sauce in stock instead of salt. 

4. There are many ways to enjoy pumpkin and pineapple, either in savoury or sweet dishes. But how about just enjoying pumpkin and pineapple on their own with soy sauce? Mix soy sauce with honey and drizzle it over pineapple. Chargrill until golden and just warm. Mix soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce and glaze the mixture over wedges of pumpkin. Pop the wedges in the oven and bake until golden. 

5. This last one may not be a secret at all to most Malaysians. Then again, who knows? We all enjoy our curry gravy, right? But what about brown gravy? The one which you eat with meatballs, for example. For every quarter of water, add a quarter of soy sauce before making your gravy. It will sure add a kick to that brown gravy of yours. 

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