Dinasou Online Supermart

Dinasou Online Supermart

07 April 2016

Cream Crackers: A Story

Once a upon a time, in an online supermart called Dinasou.com, there was a packet of cream crackers named Julie's, or simply Julie. Julie was unlike other cream crackers, like Shoon Fatt, Hup Seng and Jacob, simply because Julie was a girl and the other cream crackers were boys. Julie felt sad because she was ostracized over her gender, but she held up her head high and maintained her spirits while looking at customers scanning Dinasou.com's webpage to buy grocery items.

One day, a customer called Jane was deciding on which cream cracker to buy. She looked at the four cream crackers staring right back at her from the computer screen. Shoon Fatt Cream Crackers Special was priced at RM10.20, which was a saving of 3.8% from RM10.60. Jane also noted that Shoon Fatt weighed at 800g. She then looked at Julie, which was a saving of 8%, from RM5.00 to RM4.60. But Jane saw that Julie weighed only at 295g, so in her head she figured which was more value for money. Jane scrolled further down the variety of Dinasou.com's biscuit selection and saw Hup Seng Ping Pong Cream Crackers and Jacob's Cream Crackers, which were both a saving of 8.3%, from RM4.80 to RM4.40. Hup Seng weighed at 428g, while Jacob weighed at 300g. Based on all the information, Jane finally decided to purchase Hup Seng and put him in her cart. As Jane was doing so, Hup Seng smirked at all the others, especially at Julie, and said, "See, I'm the popular choice, and I will always be the popular choice."

Shoon Fatt and Jacob just shook their heads and simply brushed off that indignant remark, but Julie took it to her heart. She started sobbing and wondered why no one wanted to buy her. She felt like jumping off the screen into oblivion, but of course she was stuck there. 

Just when Julie felt there was no hope for her at all, another customer named Derek, who was this good-looking hunk and loved anything in orange, clicked on the page where all the biscuits were. Derek was an indecisive buyer, and he took a long time deciding which biscuit he wanted to buy. He knew he wanted a packet of biscuits, but he just didn't know which one he wanted. Just then, he saw Julie and looked over her attractive packaging. Derek, who didn't know any better, clicked on Julie and put her in his cart. And it was just because she was wearing orange. 

Moral of the story: Women will always be judged based on their looks, not how much value they can give. But at least Julie has a happy ending.

The End. 

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