Dinasou Online Supermart

Dinasou Online Supermart

13 April 2016

Going Vegetarian? Check out your choices!

Dinasou.com doesn't just want you to EARN, SHOP & SAVE. We also want you to have the best varieties of goods sold at our online store. Do you know that we sell vegetarian frozen foods? Sure, we have a link on our website that takes you straight away to our vegetarian frozen food selection, but have you actually had a look through? Anyway, it's just a reminder for our members that we sell a VARIETY of goods. For now, just check out our vegetarian frozen food selection here.

But vegetarian frozen food is not the only choice for you vegetarians out there. Dinasou.com also sells rice, grains and other dry products suitable for vegetarians. Below are a few examples. For more, click here.
Of course, these are not the only dry goods that Dinasou.com sells. For vegetarians who love to cook, you of course will want staple ingredients like onions to use as part of your dish. Erm, vegetarians do eat onions, right? Check out spices and other cooking ingredients here.

Then there's tofu. Of course, not all vegetarians like to be stereotyped as tofu-only people, right? But, tofu is rich in protein, among others. Vegetarians go for soy products to gain this essential nutrient. Here are some examples of tofu products sold at Dinasou.com. For more, just search for 'tofu' on our website. Happy eating!

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