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29 March 2016

6 Fun Facts About Biscuits!

Ah, what can we tell you about biscuits, other than that they taste good and make snacking a necessary pastime (Joke!). But, there are fun facts that we can share with you about biscuits.

Fun Fact #1
The word 'biscuit' has Latin origins, which is 'bis cotus'. The Latin meaning is "twice baked/cooked".

Fun Fact #2
The original spelling of the word biscuit is 'bisket', according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Fun Fact #3
It's been established in a scientific manner that the best way to dunk a biscuit is the horizontal way, according to one Dr Len Fisher of Bristol University.

Fun Fact #4
A chef in Roman times by the name of Apicius invented the earliest biscuit recipe, which was eaten with honey and pepper.

Fun Fact #5
If you dunk your biscuit in coffee or tea, the flavour you get is more than 10 times greater than if you eat your biscuit without dunking them in such drinks. 

Fun Fact #6
If you want to keep your biscuits fresh for longer, put a slice of bread in the biscuit tin. 

We have a variety of biscuits for you to try out some of these fun facts. Enjoy!


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