Dinasou Online Supermart

Dinasou Online Supermart

11 March 2016

Hey Moms & Dads! We have toys for kids who like to build things ...

Kids love toys. And parents love their kids. Though some parents are reluctant to buy the latest toy for their children, thinking it might spoil them, at Dinasou.com, we ensure that the toys we sell don't spoil your children. Most of the toys in our collection are of the building blocks variety, much like a certain toy giant with the first letter L makes. Below are a few of the toys available on our site. Visit here for more. All toys are made in China.
The Triumphal Arch of Paris France
Before: RM247.00, Now: RM190.00

Black Pearl
Before: RM258.70, Now: RM199.00
Dinasour World Blocks Set
Before: RM143.00, Now: RM110.00
Shuttle Spaceship Set
Before: RM143.00, Now: RM110.00

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