Dinasou Online Supermart

Dinasou Online Supermart

09 March 2016

Brand Street: HiBIS Herbal Sanitary Napkins

HiBIS Mix Value Pack—Save 23.7% off (Before: RM36.70, Now: RM28.00)
That time of the month for you ladies out there is not something enjoyable, right? More often than not, it only brings discomfort and sometimes a feeling of ickiness, too. We at Dinasou.com empathize with your problem, ladies, so we've decided to sell a product that can somewhat ease that feeling of discomfort.

Called Hibis, it's a line of herbal sanitary napkins sold on Brand Street. The five main features of these sanitary pads are:

1) They can alleviate women's common menstrual problems as they are lined with herbal extracts.
2) Your skin will be kept cool, soft and comfortable with Hibis' natural herbal fragrance liner (an iteration of No. 1)
3) Your skin will be kept clean as Hibis' new design of anti-leakage top-sheet can allow for a high level of absorption.
4) Your skin will be kept fresh and unusual smells eliminated with the fragrance used in Hibis sanitary pads.
5) Hibis sanitary pads can help alleviate issues associated with dysmenorrhea, leukorrhea and menses.

To know more about the company that distributes HiBIS, click here.

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