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19 November 2015

Brand Street: Halo Pet Products - Instructions on how to use Halo shampoo's for pets

Dinasou Online Supermart would like to talk more about one of our Brand Street products, which is a range of pet care products from Singapore called HALO Pet Products. But, for this post, our talk will be educational as we want to teach you how to clean your beloved pets with HALO's range of pet shampoo's.

Step 1 - Prewash
Brush your pet's coat thoroughly to remove any tangles, loose hair, debris or dead hair. This is an ideal time to inspect the skin condition of your pets for fleas and ticks problems. Start from the hind leg and brush upward. Brush the entire coat against the natural direction of the coat. After all tangles have been removed, brush the coat in its natural direction.

Pour HALO Ear Care directly into the ear canal. Massage lightly to soften the debris, and use cotton balls to clean the ears.

HALO Ear Care
Step 2 - Wash
Use lukewarm water to wet entire body, starting from hind legs to front part of body. Pay special attention to ensure that water does not enter eyes, nose or ears.

Pour HALO Holistic Care or Sensitive Care shampoo onto your palm and work it into a thick lather. Massage shampoo starting from hind legs and working up and front-wards. Keep ears down. Add water to increase lather if necessary.

Rinse and repeat the shampooing process. It is important to note that two applications of shampoo are always more effective than one. First application is to loosen the dirt, residue and oils; the second application completes the process and allows the shampoo ingredients to more effectively treat the skin and coat.

Rinsing well is a very important  process as it not only removes dead skin, debris and oil but also shampoo residue to ensure that the entire body is rinsed clear of shampoo. Your pet might suffer an allergic reaction if there is any shampoo residue. Brush out the fur during the rinsing to help remove any excess, especially if your pet is shedding.

Apply HALO conditioner for pet if necessary, then rinse, rinse, rinse!

HALO Holistic Care Shampoo

HALO Sensitive Skin Care Shampoo

HALO Conditioner
Step 3 - Blow Dry
Squeeze out the water and dry your pet by placing a high absorbent towel on its coat. Do not rub the towel up and down the coat as it may cause fur to tangle. Start at the head and end at the paws.

Finally, use a hair dryer or blower to dry your pet, brushing and drying at the same time. Ensure that your pet is completely dry before letting it out.

Dinasou.com hopes that the above steps will be more than just educational for the grooming of your pet. It goes to show that taking care of a pet is a lot of responsibility and that a pet is not just a play thing. You have to care for their health and well-being, and that includes cleaning them as well. To know more about HALO's range of products, click here.

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