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24 November 2015

Menstrual cramps: 5 foods and drinks to take & avoid

At least 40% to 70% of women have experienced some kind of menstruation pain that includes painful abdomens, backs and breasts. Foods that are natural, fresh fruits and vegetables, low in sugar, nuts and seeds, and healthy whole grains are able to lower incidents of cramps and PMS. The percentage of nutrition needed to fight cramps and PMS is 80%.

Below are the 5 foods and drinks to take that can help ease cramps:

1. Salmon - It is rich in Omega-3 and therefore able to fight inflammation
2. Another food that is high in Omega-3 is sacha inchi seeds, a plant found in the Amazon.
3. To help combat fluid retention during your period, eat celery.
4. Drinking 2-3 litres of water during that your time of the month will help ease the cramping or bloating.
5. Green tea is able to ease cramps. Decaffeinated green tea works wonders, but some health benefits of green tea will be lost if you take the decaf version.

5 foods and drinks to avoid prior to and during menstruation:

1. Although calcium from herbs such as fresh dill or from leafy green vegetables such as kale and spinach is beneficial to getting rid of cramps, calcium from dairy products such as milk and cheeses should be avoided as they can trigger cramps.
2. Foods high in sugar should also be avoided as they can cause cramps.
3. Another food to avoid is red meat, which is known to cause stomach upsets and cramps.
4. Avoid drinking coffee or any drinks that are high in caffeine as they can raise your levels of tension and anxiety.
5. Anything that can damage the liver should be avoided, and this includes alcohol.

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