Dinasou Online Supermart

Dinasou Online Supermart

28 October 2015

Brand Street: Calling out all pet lovers!

At Dinasou Online Supermart, we sell a wide range of products under our Brand Street vertical. Among them is a range of pet care products under a Singaporean brand called HALO —it's a leading specialty provider of premium pet care products that uses natural enzymes and essential oils for their line of pet shampoos, odour eliminators and ear care products such as:

- chamomile extract
- ginger oil
- black oats extract
- lavender oil
- tea tree oil
- betel leaf
- tea tree herbs

Enzymes are used in HALO shampoos because of their ability to speed up the process of cleaning your pet, leaving a protective antibacterial coating on your pet's skin and coat and in some cases, healing of skin conditions. Therefore, we decided to bring these products under Brand Street because of their commitment to quality products for pets. We are sure that there are many pet lovers out there among our members who would only want to provide high-quality pet care products for their beloved pooch and kitty. Below are some examples of HALO's products:

Restore Shampoo for Dogs is a unique blend of plant-drived enzymes coupled with the full goodness of betel leaf and tea tree herbs to promote holistic well-being for your pet. The natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and odor-removing capabilities of this formula eases irritations and restore your pet's natural skin/coat.

Odorgone for Cats is an eco-friendly product that uses a unique blend of plant-derived enzymes coupled with full goodness of pure essential extracts that freshens your surroundings instantly. It is 100% biodegradable, this can be used anywhere, at anytime. It is safe to be used directly on cat litter without exposing your pet to any harmful chemicals.

HALO Ear Care is formulated with a unique combination of natural enzymes and tea tree oil. It safely and effectively cleans your pet's ears by removing debris and preventing a build-up of bacteria, fungus and yeast. It keeps your pet's ears clean, dry and free from odor.

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