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Dinasou Online Supermart

13 October 2015

Brand Street: MCM Belachan Sauce

Most Malaysians love belacan, or shrimp sauce, as a staple ingredient in one of Malaysia's iconic 'condiment', which is Sambal Ikan Bilis. Belacan gives a salty flavour and to make Sambal Ikan Bilis hot as most Malaysians love their food hot and spicy, one adds dried chillies and voila! A perfect condiment for one of Malaysia's popular dishes - Nasi Lemak. Dinasou.com would like to introduce its members to a new belacan sauce produced by Kum Thim Food Industries Sdn Bhd under the MCM brand, which is sold under Dinasou's Brand Street tab. What makes MCM Belachan Sauce any different from the typical shrimp paste or sauce that one buys from the grocery store? Well, for one, the ingredients in MCM Belachan Sauce is more varied than the typical shrimp paste, which is made up mainly from fermented ground shrimp mixed with salt, according to Wikipedia. The ingredients for MCM Belachan Sauce are dried shallots, garlic, dried shrimp, dried chillies, bird's eye chillies (which should add the 'kick' to this belacan sauce), lemongrass, ginger, sugar, salt and cooking oil. What really sets apart MCM Belachan Sauce from the rest is the addition of candlenut, or buah keras. If you really want to know how different is the taste, we at Dinasou suggests that you buy a bottle today and try it out for yourself. You never know, you might end up loving it! Oh oh, a certain fast food giant might be coming after us for using their slogan. Oh well, c'est la vie!

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