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20 October 2015

Brand Street: MCM Soy Sauces - Recipe for Stir Fry Fish Maw & Trial Product Promotion

Dear members, Dinasou Online Supermart wants to talk about a cracking good recipe using the Superior Light Soy Sauce & Golden Thick Soy Sauce from one of our Brand Street merchants, MCM. This delicious dish is called Stir Fry Fish Maw and the ingredients are as follows:

- 300gm of fish maw
- 630gm of cabbage
- 30gm of dried shrimp
- 30gm of fried garlic
- 10gm of sliced ginger
- 20gm of spring onion
- 30ml of filtered water
- 20ml of olive oil
- 15gm of sugar
-  Some chopped red chilies
- A little salt
- MCM Superior Light Soy Sauce & Golden Thick Soy Sauce

1) Heat the wok with oil, throw in the cabbage until it is soft and aromatic.
2) Add salt, dried shrimp & garlic. Stir fry the whole concoction for a short while and set them onto a plate.
3) Heat the wok with oil again, and this time add sliced ginger, spring onion and fish maw. Stir fry this combination of ingredients until it becomes aromatic.
4) Add some dashes of MCM Superior Light Soy Sauce, Golden Thick Soy Sauce and water. Fry all the ingredients until dry.
5) Remove the ginger and spring onion. Place the fish maw on top of the plated cabbage. Decorate with some red chilies and spring onion. Voila! Your Stir Fry Fish Maw is ready to be served.

The MCM Superior Light Soy Sauce & Golden Thick Soy Sauce recently were awarded with the title "World Premium Food Material" at the 2015 Milano World Expo Cate & Fashion World Competition. That is why this two products are part of our Trial Product Promotion, which ends 10/11/2015. You can visit our Facebook page for more info on the promotion.

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