Dinasou Online Supermart

Dinasou Online Supermart

19 October 2015

Brand Street: Huru White Coffee & Milk Tea

What's so great about Huru White Coffee & Milk Tea compared with the typical coffee and tea products, one may ask? For one, they contain Brown Rice, which is full of nutrients such as the Vitamin B group, in addition to minerals and amino acids. Another reason that Huru White Coffee & Milk Tea are good for your health is because they contain Tiger Milk Mushroom (TMM). The benefits of TMM include alleviating joint pain due to injury or in the elderly, as well as joint pain as a result of dengue fever and chikungunya. The ability to alleviate such pain is attributed to TMM's anti-inflammatory element.

Admit it, you want to try Huru out. But, you're afraid that they may not taste as good as other coffee and tea products. At Dinasou.com, we just want to say Shop, Earn & Save! At RM29.70 for 12 sachets of Huru White Coffee and 10 sachets of Huru Milk Tea, we say that ain't bad as they contain ingredients not readily available in most conventional coffee and tea products. So, go ahead. Give 'em a look here

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