Dinasou Online Supermart

Dinasou Online Supermart

09 October 2015

Brand Street: Leven Virgin Forest Honey

Dinasou.com sells a number of goods from Merchants who have struck an agreement with us to sell their products online. One of these Merchants is a brand called Leven Virgin Forest Honey. The honey is 100% pure and comes from the rainforests of Borneo.

Leven wanted to make sure that they did not extract the honey from Borneo's rainforest giant honey bees without stepping within the boundaries of the indigenous people living in the vicinity. So, Leven struck a fairtrade agreement with the local people so that they can depend on producing the honey for their livelihood and Leven can also make sure that the surrounding tropical rainforests where these giant honey bees inhabit are under conservation.

Leven Virgin Forest Honey is produced under stringent conditions so that there will be zero contamination, and therefore is 100% pure and raw. In addition, it has no artificial flavours and additives. As Malaysia's 1st O2O online supermart, dinasou.com wants to ensure its members that it will only sell quality goods such as Leven Virgin Forest Honey.

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