Dinasou Online Supermart

Dinasou Online Supermart

08 October 2015

Welcome to Dinasou Online Supermart

Dear all, 

We are Dinasou Group SDN BHD, doing business as dinasou.com. Dinasou Online Supermart launched officially on 16th August 2015. We are a group of 13 partners who have worked to build this e-commerce platform for nearly two years, since December 2013. Mr Lee Kong How is the founder of dinasou.com. We aim for Dinasou to sell mainly grocery items. However, we also have a section for Merchants to sell their products, called Brand Street.

We build our platform on the loyalty of the thousands of our members. Our members become referrals by asking their friends to join Dinasou. This will increase our fanbase, and ultimately grow the Merchant's fanbase as well. 

Dinasou.com aims to aid Merchants in growing their business online. We have developed a business model and the marketing tools that can do this for Merchants, known as Dinasou Super Console (DSC). Such tools include search engine optimization, customer relationship management, suggestions and feedbacks, and analysis reports, among others. We also have our own logistics system called Dinasou Express. 

At the moment, we have two warehouse locations in KL and the Klang Valley. In the future, we aim to open 20 more warehouse locations across Malaysia within one year. 

Purpose - Dinasou not only helps Merchants sell their products online with the use of the DSC marketing tools, we also make it convenient for offline customers to go online and buy Merchants' products. 

Our Mission is to make it easy for Merchants to do their business.

Vision - We aim to provide high results for Merchants by increasing their sales, at the same time offering low cost for services.

Slogan - Industry can be done traditionally, but business cannot be done traditionally. 

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